St Mary Church Foot Clinic
tel: 01803 329369


  • Routine Appointment £37

    A standard chiropody appointment takes about 25 minutes and will incorporate the treatment of any corns, callus, verrucae, nail cutting and the reduction of thickened nails as well as an overview of of your foot health and advice.
  • Verrucae Needling from £120

    An option for the treatment of persistant verrucae that have not responded to conventional treatments. Please call for details
  • Nail Surgery from £300

    We will be happy to assess your nail problems during a routine appointment to investigate whether you require Nail surgery; in some cases your ingrowing nails may be able to be managed conservatively.
  • Musculoskeletal appointment £60

    If you have foot/ heel/ ankle or knee pain it might be possible that this is related to your foot type/ posture. Within this appointment you can explain your problem and the podiatrist will assess your feet, lower limb and alignment as it related to the pain that you are experiencing. If you need orthoses/insoles prescribed as part of a treatment strategy we can either cast your feet and provide you with custom made devices or alternately suggest prefabricated orthoses which can provide an effective low cost alternative.
  • Custom Orthoses from £300

  • Prefabricated Orthoses from £40

  • Home visit £40