St Mary Church Foot Clinic

tel: 01803 329369

Routine Footcare

Come and book a routine appointment today as an overview of your foot health and advice.

Biomechanical assessment

If you have foot/ heel/ ankle or knee pain it might be possible that this is related to your foot type/ posture. Within this appointment you can explain your problem and the podiatrist will assess your feet, lower limb and alignment as it related to the pain that you are experiencing.

Foot Pain

Suffering from heel, foot or ankle pain? We can assess the cause of this and provide a provide a suitable treatment regime.

Home visit service

If you have problems with mobility and require treatment we would be happy to visit you within your home please call for more details.

Regular Diabetic Footchecks

If you are Diabetic we will provide regular foot checks within your treatment episode keeping you informed of the neurological and vascular status of your feet.


Located within the heart of St Marychurch, Torquay we offer complete range of chiropody and podiatry treatments delivered by fully insured HCPC registered clinicians in a clean, comfortable and professional environment.

We also offer a home visit service and can supply treatments to patients within nursing homes.

Please call us on 01803 329369 to book either a clinical or home visit for any of the following treatments:

  •  routine footcare
  • diabetic assessment and treatment
  • musculoskeletal / biomechanical assessment
  • orthotic insole prescription
  • thickened fungal nail treatment
  • verrucae treatment
  • corns and callus removal
  • nail surgery and ingrown nail treatment
  • heel ankle and foot pain

Why you need to choose us?

We will strive to offer the best treatment outcomes possible for our patients within a clean, comfortable, clinical environment.